Attractions in Starke Bradford County Florida Attractions in Starke Bradford County Florida
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Things to Do in Starke and Lawtey in Bradford County, Florida

Public Boat Ramps in Bradford County Florida

Public Boat Ramps

various locations
Bradford County, FL 32091
(904) 964-5278

If you like to fish or ski, there's public boat ramps located in and around Bradford County where you can put in your boat and go fishing or skiing. There's Lake Sampson, Hampton Lake, Lake Santa Fe, Lake Alto and more.

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Starke Golf & Country Club in Starke Florida

Starke Golf & Country Club

15501 NE 14th Ave
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 964-5441

A full-featured golf course and recreation hall. Open every day to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except for Christmas day.

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The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park in Starke Florida

The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park

7266 Airport Rd
Starke, FL 32091
(352) 473-2999

The FIRM is home to RallyPro Performance Driving School and the International Security Academy (ISA). ISA, relies upon the RallyPro Performance Driving School to teach units how to safely extract assets, at high-speeds and across varying terrain. All RallyPro instructors are highly skilled and the most diverse technical drivers in the world; uniquely experienced in vehicle dynamics, for high-speed, and high-risk driver training. The FIRM provides mission critical scenarios across surface changes at high-speeds. The weight transfer that occurs from surface transitions when going off-road, then back onto the tarmac, is the number one cause of fatalities for untrained drivers. RallyPro instructors teach advanced vehicle management skills that protect assets and saves lives.

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Fun Point in Starke Florida

Fun Point

1100 S Walnut Street
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 966-3380

Fun Point is an all-in-one arcade and restaurant that is bound to raise your spirits. Our scrumptious food and drink options are sure to please your taste buds and our lively arcade has everything you need for a whole lot of fun. Get lost in a world of your own with our variety of virtual reality games or create a little friendly competition with a skee ball tournament. Regularly offering trivia night, karaoke night, bingo night, and more, there's always something amusing happening at Fun Point.

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Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag in Starke Florida

Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag

7248 SE 9 Ave
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 903-0762

10,000 Sq ft. Outdoor tactical laser tag arena. Log in with your callsign and upgrade weapons, ammo, and armor as you level up. Stats updated as you play for instant bragging rights. Compare your Call of Duty stats to real life and see how you measure up.

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Bradford Sportsmen's Farm in Graham Florida

Bradford Sportsmen's Farm

11394 SW 106th Ave
Graham, FL 32042
(352) 485-2302

The Bradford Sportsmen's Farm shooting range is located in Graham, FL and offers some of the best and most diverse shooting facilities available to the public in one site. These facilities include two fully automated, 14 station sporting clay courses with two machines at each station. We also have two fully automated 5-stands controlled by portable long-range controllers as well as a 25-yard pistol range, a 50-yard rifle and pistol range, a 300-yard rifle range, and an 850-yard rifle range. Our sporting clays courses are designed to accommodate all shooter skill levels with one course for novice to intermediate skilled shooters and another for tournament level shooters.

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Kingsley Lake in Keystone Heights Florida

Kingsley Lake

SR 16
Keystone Heights, FL 32656
(352) 473-4807

Kingsley Lake is an almost circular lake of about 2,000 acres in North Central Florida, about six miles east of Starke, Florida. According to some sources, it is the oldest and highest lake in Florida, located on the edge of the Trail Ridge formation. The lake is a very stable lake with a sandy bottom. Its deepest part is about 90 feet.

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Gold Head State Park in Keystone Heights Florida

Gold Head State Park

6239 State Rd 21
Keystone Heights, FL 32656
(352) 473-4701

One of Florida's first state parks since 1935. The initial property was donated by Martin J. "Mike" Roess and developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was launched in 1933 to combat unemployment during the Depression. In 1935, 25 craftsmen from Company 2444 were sent to the Gold Head site where they were joined by hundreds of CCC youth and established Camp SP-5. Together they planted trees, cleared areas for campsites, built roads and constructed many of the buildings.

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Bradford County Fair Grounds in Starke Florida

Bradford County Fair Grounds

2300 North Temple Avenue
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 964-5252

The annual Bradford County Fair will be March 5-10, 2019. There will be Cattle and Swine, their respective shows and sales. The Goat and Poultry exhibitions will be back this year as well. Lots of great food will be returning including The Kiwanis Club, featuring their great Bar-B-Que and other delicacies, The Rotary Club, featuring their funnel cakes!, along with Shands Hospital Auxiliary serving their famous Strawberry Shortcake!

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Edwards Road Complex in Starke Florida

Edwards Road Complex

417B West Edwards Road
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 964-8334

City of Starke Baseball Complex

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Wings of Dreams in Starke Florida

Wings of Dreams

7100 Airport Rd
Starke, FL 32091
(352) 256-8037

Mission: Establish and operate an aviation museum, aerospace education center, warbird restoration facility and space museum annex with collection of space program artifacts and observatory.

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Camp Blanding Museum in Starke Florida

Camp Blanding Museum

5629 FL-16 #3040
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 682-3196

The Museum houses a colorful collection of weapons (U.S. and foreign). a refurbished World War II barracks, houses a colorful collection of weapons, photo exhibits, mannequins in uniform, and other artifacts. These exhibits tell the story of Camp Blanding, the units that trained there, and the surrounding area during World War II.

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100 E Call Street, Starke, FL 32091
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